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2G Sunset Solution - DL643 Cellular Radio

The DL643 is UL certified for 1023 Household Burglary & 985 Household Fire


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Plug & Play Cellular Connectivity

As landlines continue to disappear at an alarming rate, the security professional is required to provide a very reliable yet affordable cellular solution; introducing the patent pending DL643 ce

llular alarm communicator. 

It has been said that during an emergency ever second counts. By removing the "middleman" the DL643 transmits a monitored alarm directly from the monitored location to GMS providing a much faster response time. 

Radios that require the signal to be "routed" through a middleman's web portal will add time to the response of each emergency

The DL643 is unlike any other cellular alarm communicator available today.

• The DL643 provides full data reporting “direct” from a client’s location to GMS. 

• The DL643 also supports full two-way voice communication.

• There is no signal routing or need for the alarm event to pass to a third party. 

• The DL643 will connect to any existing alarm system using Contact ID. Convert your existing “Landline” based inventory to cellular in seconds.

• The DL643 includes a 10 ft extension antenna for maximum signal strength performance.

• The DL643 includes a built in, highly visible LED display that identifies RSSI (Radio signal strength Indicator) as well as identifying simple system diagnostics.

• Delivered to you preprogamed.

• Remote radio reset via SMS & installer code.

• Built in programmable tamper switch.

• The DL643 is PTCRB & AT&T approved.