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Tips for Dealers and Integrators: Environmental Monitoring

In some industries, there is a deep understanding of the need for environmental monitoring. The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries rely heavily on environmental monitoring for ensuring the safety of formulated drug products, for example. But not all security customers, whether in the residential or commercial sector understand environmental monitoring or how it can benefit them. Because of this, environmental monitoring can sometimes be a difficult sell.

However, today’s high-caliber security system environmental detection offerings can provide customers with astounding benefits that are completely tailored to their home or facility while staying within budget requirements. It is an extremely valuable service to add RMR, simply.

Top Tips for Selling Environmental Monitoring Success

Know Environmental Monitoring

The most successful way to sell is to know the service and all its offerings inside and out. If you do not know it well, you cannot spot prospective needs nor expound on how the service can meet those needs. The more you know about the service, the more passionate you become and that translates into everything you do and say.


Get to Know Your Customers and Their Needs

Take the time to get to know the customer. Find out what goals they want to accomplish. One size rarely fits all and customers appreciate when you care enough about them or their business to invest a little time in research.


Address Their Needs with What They May Not Know

Once you know the customer and their challenges you can suggest offering they may not know exist to address the problems. For example, a storage area might get unusually hot or cold because of unpredictable causal factors, damaging equipment or products. The cost of the loss is likely well worth investing in environmental monitoring.


Be Clear

Remember, your potential customers know their business, not yours. Explain things clearly without “talking down” to them.


Lead with Benefits

Customers buy products and services for the benefits, not for the features. So instead of explaining that you offer monitoring for water detection, for example, you talk about the damaging forces of an undetected leak or accumulation of water has on structures and equipment and how it can be avoided with immediate detection and notification. 


Approach existing Customers

According to Paul Farris in his book Marketing Metrics, The Definitive Guide to Measuring marketing Performance the probability of selling a service to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability to selling to a new prospect is between 5% and 20%.


Always Mention the Bottom Line

Customers buy for emotional reasons, such as the fear of what might happen if valuable equipment stops running and goes undetected. But they justify the by with facts, and the most important of them is how much will it ultimately save the buyer. Find the many facets of savings and present them clearly.


Environmental monitoring is often outside of the typical security mindset, but it shouldn’t be. It is a smart way to build your portfolio and RMR.

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