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What Does it Really Mean to be a UL Listed Central Monitoring Station?

At GMS, we’re proud to say that we are a UL Listed Central Monitoring Station, but what does that mean for you and your subscribers? Why is it important? How does it add value? Most importantly, why is it better?

What is the UL?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a fully independent, worldwide, non-profit consulting and certification entity. The UL has been dedicated to the promotion of safe living and working environments for over a century through the testing of products and processes and development of rigorous safety standards using the most exacting scientific processes and highest ethical standards.

What is a UL Listed Monitoring Station?

The UL has been working with the alarm and security industry and code authorities since its inception and has worked to develop and maintain the highest safety standards and requirements in the industry. To be qualified and certified as a UL Listed Monitoring Center, companies must pass a rigorous first-time inspection and then submit to regular inspections every six months thereafter to maintain their UL Listed status. This inspection covers everything from the physical building safety to employee training.

It’s Not a Law or Requirement

Being UL Listed is not a requirement dictated by any law. It is a completely voluntary process we proudly submit to in order to affirm that we meet and exceed the highest levels of safety standards in the industry.

Why is it a Benefit to You?

As a UL Listed Monitoring Station, you know that GMS is regularly inspected by the highest certification entity who analyzes everything from power sources, generator backup, equipment, communication, procedures, training and much more. This means you can rely on the highest levels of consistency of service and performance to keep people and property safe.

UL Listed monitoring delivers the highest level of confidence in monitoring. It is the company’s declaration that their building, equipment, people, and processes pass the most defining levels of safety achievement within the industry and strict adherence to code compliance. Need more information about UL Listing? Give GMS a call today!

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