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Smart Ways to Market Your Business

Running a business involves a lot of facets, but one of the most important facets is marketing. As much as we’d like it to be, a business is not a field of dreams and “if you build it they will come.” When you build a business, you need to keep building it through effective marketing strategies.

For many people, marketing can be a lot of things like a huge hassle. After all, most of us are great at what we do, security, but marketing is not necessarily in our wheelhouse. That’s okay. There are things you can do so do those. Here are some cost-effective ways you can boost your marketing.

Know Who You Are

For any marketing strategy to work, you need to know who you are and find a compelling way to make it known. What makes you unique and better from the others? What is your company culture? All that needs to shine through every marketing aspect.

Develop a Plan

You’ll waste lots of time and money if you do not start by defining your goals and developing a strategy. To do this, know your best prospects, understand where all of your prospects are in the buying cycle and address their needs right where they are.

Get Educated

You do not need to be an expert to market your business, but it certainly helps. Take a few minutes every day to learn about some aspect of marketing. There are many free resources out there. For example, if you want to learn about Facebook marketing, sign up for Hubspot and take all of the online classes. Yes, it takes time and effort, but your business is worth the effort.

Develop Your Online Presence

Having a website is a given today, but having one that is well optimized and considers the user experience isn’t. Consider all of your online elements, such as your organic and paid listings, and social channels like Facebook and Linkedin. Make sure you have a great business profile, post thought-leader articles and posts, and engage your audience. Utilize your blog.

Connect Through Email

Engage your customers regularly through email. Create helpful newsletters that keep your name on their minds.

Promote Yourself

If your company has achieved something noteworthy, use it to establish yourself and your reputation. 20 years in business? Large, specialized integration? Charitable involvements? Make sure people know your business involvement through blogs, posts, and press releases.

Leverage Tools

You are likely connected to services that offer help and resources in many marketing areas. GMS, for example, can point you to many resources that can boost your business.

Get Connected Locally

Networking takes time, but the pay off is well worth the effort. Connect with local networking groups such as the chamber of commerce and get your name out there.

Utilize Marketing Materials

Create and use compelling marketing materials such as flyers and business cards. Have them ready for every opportunity.

Get Help

Don’t stress. Not knowing about A/B testing, PPC, UI, SEO, and all of the other things involved in marketing is okay. While it is all important to your business, you do not need to know it all. What you do not know how to do, or simply do not have time to do, call in professionals. Professional marketing companies can cover all of your marketing bases most effectively and ultimately be a great investment. GMS recommends the services of Security Dealer Marketing for affordable, industry-specific marketing. Give them a call today to help your marketing needs 888-572-4450

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