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What Can Asset Tracking do for Customers? 4 Top Facts.


There’s no question that having adequate security in place is good business. Most businesses recognize this and are swift to implement things like access control or video surveillance to protect their site, believing that is enough to protect all of their assets. In many cases, it is not. Businesses that own powered or unpowered assets should have GPS Monitoring and asset tracking at the top of their list of security concerns.

Whether the assets are a fleet of trucks, shipping containers, generators, trailers, or construction equipment, there are some important benefits of GPS monitoring and asset tracking.

Mitigate Theft

Theft of vehicles and equipment can set a business back in many ways. Not only does it cost to replace the equipment, there can be a serious loss of productivity in the interim. Geofencing technology allows you to draw a border around a specific area and if your equipment goes out of that area, it triggers an alert. Monitoring technologies help prevent theft and can help authorities locate any stolen assets.

Prevent Unauthorized Usage

If vehicles or other assets are only meant for work purposes, asset tracking can help identify unauthorized usage so that owners can address the issue.

Increase Productivity

Knowing where the fleet is, and when, can help increase productivity. Fleet owners never have to guess where an asset is or how long they spend at that location or on the job.

Regulate Use of Assets

One way to extend the life of assets is to rotate use to ensure that no one vehicle or other asset is used more vigorously than another. Asset tracking can also help identify unused, or underused assets. This provides an opportunity to leverage those assets or downsize for greater efficiency.


GPS Asset Tracking helps businesses increase in efficiency and profitability. Find out more about GMS GPS monitoring solutions by calling 800-839-7212 today!

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