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Need More Sales? Here are Some Top Tips!

Let’s face it. More sales is never a bad thing. In Security, however, it can be a tough sell as the potential customer is likely to put off making a decision. Whether the customer is residential or commercial, there are some things that can help close the deal.

Do Your Homework

The more you know about the client’s risks, needs, or lifestyle, the better able you are to show them how particular technologies can solve their problems, or solve problems they didn’t know they had, with technologies they may not know even exist. Commercial clients, for example, may not be aware of the wide range of monitoring technologies available or how those technologies can help them save money in product loss or improved processes. Residential clients may not be aware of the technologies beyond basic home security and automation but could benefit from PERs technology and monitoring.

Make a Sale Your Goal

Before you talk to any potential client, remind yourself that your goal is a sale. Of course, you always want to educate and inform, but your goal is to get them to the decision point in the moment. Have the order agreement ready, and on the table early into the conversation assuming there will be a sale.

Use Trial Closes

Throughout your presentation, use trial closes along with benefit statements. For example, “Our home security system can immediately alert you and our 24/7 UL Listed monitoring station to confirm an emergency or initiate an emergency response. Is this the kind of protection you’d like to protect your family?” When they say yes, they are “trial” buying and that much closer to an actual close.

Eliminate Deal Enders

Sometimes it is easy to unknowingly end the deal before we’ve even begun. For example, a brochure used rightly can help to inform a potential customer. Pulling out a brochure can also signal the end of the presentation, and cause the client to close the book before the sale.

Know Common Objections and Overcome Them

Remove the power of objections by knowing them, acknowledging them, and refuting them with the right knowledge. By saying things like “Many business owners believe that the cost of commercial security systems are far higher than they are, or more costly to maintain. The truth is, the right systems used rightly can save money and here’s how,” removes the argument and helps the client to look at the system offerings objectively.

Follow a Proven Formula

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Human behavior is pretty predictable and there are tons of great sales methodologies that work. Don’t shoot from the hip. Learn successful sales strategies and follow them. Doing so will help you think clearly which will help customers make an informed decision.

Give these techniques a try to improve your sales. Have questions about how to boost monitoring sales? Give us a call! We’re happy to help!

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