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Whether you are considering selling your security company now or sometime in the future, it is important to start building value into now, and continue to do so throughout your ownership. Here are just a few ways you can build more value into your security company.

Boost Your RMR

Building RMR is key to any successful security company, and certainly a strong component when selling the company. Consider billing more services on an RMR basis.

Build Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts are very desirable as many are concerned about the state of the residential market with an onslaught of DIY products moving into the space. Boost your commercial accounts to increase your company’s value and attractiveness to buyers.


Another way to add value is to find a niche and specialize. Whether it is in video monitoring, access control, or perimeter fencing being expert and capturing a niche market can get a premium valuation for your business.

Offer Unique Products

Offering unique products not only makes you stand out, but it also shows you stay ahead of market needs and are aware of trends. This adds to your valuation.

Clean up Past Due Accounts

Staying on top of your accounts is important to add value to your business whether you plan to sell it or not. If you do plan to sell, however, buyers aren’t going to pay on accounts that are significantly past-due. Consider working with industry proven account resolution specialists to keep your accounts current.



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