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Innovation is Key

General Monitoring Services Inc. (GMS)

Over the course of this last year, GMS has been working on many internal technology upgrades and new services including the development of channels to assist and provide educational and marketing opportunities to dealers.

GMS did a significant “rebrand” the first month of the year with a new logo and redesigned website and new monthly e-newsletter reflecting the direction GMS has headed this year; its goal is keeping GMS partner-dealers and others in the industry educated about exciting new and existing products and services not only available through GMS, but also within the industry overall.

The nationwide wholesale monitoring company has also made significant capital investments in several new avenues for increasing recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for dealers and integrators. Examples include enhanced video monitoring services, mPERS, and various GPS tracking services.

Further, GMS did an evaluation review of its alarm monitoring automation platform this year to determine what, if any, improvements should be considered and implemented to work best with GMS’s customer base and to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the Industry.  GMS will be implementing many enhancements and new options within its alarm monitoring automation platform in the coming months because of this year’s evaluation review.

GMS is a UL UUFX (Protective Signaling Services) central station.

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