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4 Ways to Help Your Business Get 5 Star Reviews

You already know this to be true: Customers have many choices in security providers and are not likely to make a snap decision. Whether looking for the best sneakers or the best

commercial or home security company, customers today start online “shopping” for a provider before looking anywhere else. Chances are pretty good that you have looked at reviews yourself to choose a product or service provider within the last week. According to Bright Local, 88% of online shoppers trust reviews posted to consumer websites over word of mouth. That makes your online reviews a significant concern in your marketing efforts.

Studies Show….

Although there’s no way to definitively say that reviews are good for business, just about every study or anecdotal case suggests so. In one study, Capterra analyzed the effect of adding reviews for software products and found that conversion rates increased significantly as more reviews were added. Many other studies support this data.

Don’t Leave It To Chance

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make today is not being proactive in getting those rave reviews. The truth is, people are far more motivated to post a negative comment when they receive poor service than they are to post a positive review when they receive great service. So, even though your service is stellar, your online review profile may not reflect it well. Make sure you capture as many of those positive reviews as possible!

Steps to Getting Positive Reviews

  • Set the stage for good reviews. People leave reviews for several reasons. Either they loved the product and services, disliked the product or service, or some combination of the two. Make sure you offer both by asking your customers if they are satisfied and how you can improve upon the experience. Make every aspect of your service impeccable.
  • Be friendly and personable. When someone leaves a review it is almost always motivated by an experience they had within the business. Make sure every employee demonstrates a courteous attitude.
  • Go the extra mile before asking for a review. There really isn’t any payoff for a customer to leave a positive review. They are essentially doing the business a favor. One of the best ways to get a positive review is to reward customers with an unexpected nicety for having chosen to do business with you. Consider sending a handwritten thank you card, giving a small gift card, or some other demonstration of your gratitude. Your gesture may be returned in the form of referrals and positive reviews.
  • Ask for a positive review. Follow up with your customers after service to check in and see if they have any problems or questions. Ask them if they were satisfied with your service. If they are, ask them if they could help you with a positive review on specific platforms you feel most beneficial, such as Yelp. It is also helpful to do this via email and provide a link to the site.


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