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GMS now offering Visual Verification Monitoring

How Visual Verification works with GMS’s Proactive Video Monitoring Solutions:

The following outlines the workflow of Visual Verification with GMS’s Proactive Video Monitoring Solutions:
  1.     Alarm signal is sent to GMS’s stages™ automation platform, and the operator simply selects an integrated “launch browser” icon.
  2.     The browser launches the Visual Verification Event for the operator.
  3.     The operator is taken to a gallery that shows images and/or video clips with an option to see live views of all video cameras.

o    The gallery shows:

  •  Images/Clips for all hardware that supports images/clips being sent to
  •  Images/Clips that occurred 15 minutes before the alarm, during the alarm, and 15 minutes after the alarm.

o    Live view sessions are recorded as clips.

o    An operator has up to 24 hours from the time of the alarm event to view the images/clips.

o    Actions taken by the operator are audited within and within GMS’s stages™ automation platform.

  •  The following events are audited:

o    Visual verification session started (i.e., operator launched the visual verification window).

o    Operator viewed a video clip or image.

o    Operator viewed live video.

  •  Audited images/clips are retained by for three years from the alarm event.

Which devices are compatible with Visual Verification?

Any images/clips captured from an Image Sensor or video camera is made available to GMS’s Proactive Video Monitoring operators.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 panel camera is also compatible with Visual Verification. For more information about the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 panel camera compatibility, see Enable Visual Verification for a Qolsys IQ Panel 2.

Not an Service Provider?  Visit today to find out how to take advantage of Visual Verification to increase your Recurring Monthly Revenue and offer your customers solid Video Verification Response.

Contact GMS Marketing at (800) 839-7212 or email: for more detail on how GMS can assist you with all of your Proactive Video Monitoring needs.

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