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2020 IoT Solutions to Increase Recurring Revenue

Envision Additional Recurring Revenue for 2020 and Beyond

Recurring Revenue, no matter how you phrase it, RMR “Recurring Monthly Revenue” or MRR “Monthly Recurring Revenue” is a key metric of your success. Intrusion, Fire, Life Safety, Surveillance, and Access Control have always been the main focus of our industry. By adding Smart IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to your portfolio, you can greatly increase the Recurring Revenue from your existing customer base. GMS’ robust Central Station Automation can now monitor any Smart IoT device, allowing our 24-hour staff to notify the property manager, maintenance company or owner about any problem or deviation from normal conditions.

Here are a few examples of Smart” “IoT options we encourage you to consider learning more about to increase your recurring revenue in 2020 and beyond by networking with your existing clientele and knocking on new doors of opportunity. 

Contact us to learn more about how to increase your Recurring Revenue by offering the following services:

Smart Agriculture

Golf Courses

Reduce water consumption.


Conditions for ideal grape sugar content.

Farms and Green Houses

Maximize the size and quality of fruits and vegetables.

Grow Houses

Optimize the cultivation process for the cannabis industry.


Humidity and temperature levels in alfalfa and hay and to prevent fungus and other contaminants.

Smart Water

Swimming Pools

Monitor and control pool and hot tub water quality.

Bodies of Water

Oxygen content, salinity, and pollution levels of lakes or oceans.

Potable Water

Monitor tap water quality for cities.


Water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs.


Monitor soil moisture and leakage.

Smart Environment

Forest Fire Detection

Monitor combustion gases and fire conditions.

Snow Levels

Quantity and moisture content of the snow pack.

Air Pollution

Emissions from factories, cars and farms.

Landslide and Avalanche Prevention

Soil moisture, density, and vibrations to detect dangerous land conditions.

Smart Cities

Smart Parking

Parking space availability in city garages and streets.

Smart Lighting

Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting for street lights.

Urban Conditions

People count and noise levels in public areas.

Waste Management

Trash level and weight to optimize collection routes.

Manufacturing and oil refineries

Monitor motors, pumps, liquid levels and viscosity.

Smart Tracking


Location, speed, and excess idling of vehicles. 

Business assets

Inventory, laptops or documents.

Personal assets

Artwork, antiques or jewelry.


Location and direction of travel of your dog, cat, or horse.


Glucose levels, heart arrhythmia, and sleep apnea.

GMS can monitor just about any desired condition with either pre-packaged Smart IoT kits or customized IoT solutions to meet your clients’ specific needs.


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