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Looking for a “Smart” way to add significant RMR, Look no further!



Smart Fleet Management

This service uses multi-carrier SIM technology that automatically connects to the strongest signal for less dead zones while traveling. You get much more than just GPS tracking. You will know the drivers’ performance, like speed, arrival times and any deviation from route. Vehicles can be geo-fenced at a specific address each night or in a larger territory during the day. Also includes an impact sensor to detect accidents and an accelerometer to detect unscheduled movement after hours.

More features:

RFID Authentication to verify if the person in the cab is allowed to start the engine.

Automatic Engine Shutdown (Idle Kill) shuts off the engine after the requested number of idle minutes. Often the savings in gas pays for this service. Idling is not allowed in some states so this also saves on the cost of tickets.

Smart Asset Tracking

Track anything from fine art to perishables in an 18 wheeler or any other mode of transport. You will know the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and light level. As with Smart Fleet Management, this device also includes an impact sensor to detect accidents and an accelerometer to detect unscheduled movement after hours.

If stolen or any other Smart Event is triggered, GMS’ 24-hour staff can alert Law Enforcement or designated Responsible Parties of the location – anywhere in Canada, U.S. and Mexico.

You can add significant RMR by providing these IoT technologies to your existing or prospective new customers.

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