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Workplace Wellness

By: Sarah DeLuca, GMS Human Resources Manager

Workplace Wellness has become a topic of focus for many companies especially with the sudden increase in employees working remotely amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Chevron, PG&E, Verizon and Johnson & Johnson are just a few of the companies that have become strong advocates for mental and physical health and have incorporated it into their business strategy.

What is workplace wellness? 

Simply put, workplace wellness is a supportive company culture designed to promote healthy behaviors in the workplace. These programs can range from stress prevention programs, fitness memberships, offering healthy snacks to employees, ergonomics, live meditation, health education, and smoking cessation programs. The work-life balance has been a hot topic for employees for many years now as employees felt they were never given the ability to disconnect from work (i.e failing to cut the “electronic leash”). 

France and Germany have both implemented laws to protect employee’s rights from remaining connected to work 24/7. Studies have shown that companies have seen a dramatic VOI (Value on Investment) after implementing wellness programs. Job satisfaction has increased and employee morale has gone up. Most companies shy away from wellness programs because they assume the costs can be high, but the opposite is true. You can launch a Meatless Monday program (giving employees healthy meal alternatives), start a lunchtime walking group with your coworkers, or give your employee awards for things like biking to work, logging 10,000 steps, or volunteering their time to a charitable cause. Creating a stress circle where employees can discuss what their stress triggers are and create a safe place for employees to talk through the use of “community circles”. Rewarding employees for their efforts in itself will create an all-around positive employee experience once we are all able to get back to work.

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