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3G Sunset – We’ve Got Your Back

Brian Dotson – Pacific Coast Sales Manager

TelGuard | AMETEK


Cellular sunsets have happened before and will more than likely continue in the future. The sunset is an inevitable carrier event that is part of the natural evolution of technology. Current 3G and CDMA devices will stop working by specific dates in 2022 at the latest, and you should want to address those before any issues appear. With that being said, it’s human nature to put off decisions that seem far off. Our team has put together a comprehensive sunset strategy but I thought I would note the highlights below:

  • Get the facts & avoid common misconceptions
  • Gather customer information
  • Brainstorm ways to add value for customers during the transition
  • Prioritize next steps
  • Act quickly 

Providing instant savings through your local distributors.

For these next 2 sunsets, we wanted to create a hassle-free way our dealers could benefit. We are running monthly promos on various Telguard models and work with our distribution contacts for volume purchases. We’ve also designed a more economical TG-7 series upgrade board, the TG-7UBL. This board works for the TG-7FS commercial fire communicator, the TG-7 commercial intrusion communicator, and the TG-7A banking/financial markets.

Buy 3 TG-1 Express LTE communicators, get one free.

Simply contact your participating distributor for instant sunset savings on Telguard universal LTE communicators. For every three TG-1 Express LTE devices you buy, you’ll get one free. Right then, right there.

Activate a TG-1 Express LTE communicator with HomeControl Flex and get HomeControl Flex free of charge for three months.

Not only can you get the TG-1 Express LTE at a great discount now, when you sign up for HomeControl Flex we’ll give you the service free for three months. Hello, RMR! 

For sunset replacement options or other questions, contact / 678.909.4608.

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