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Thinking Outside the Box

We have all probably heard the phrase “think outside the box”. It is somewhat of an unofficial mantra for many when tasking ourselves or employees to solve problems or finding new innovative solutions.

Is this a good or bad way to “think”? You be the judge, because ultimately, whatever works for you today to obtain the end result is the best – or is it?

Recently, most of us have had to make some very serious adjustments in our day to day work and personal lives due to COVID-19 disrupting many businesses and activities, some more than others, some less than others. Regardless of the level of adjustment, we all have shared in the experience and adapted the best we can.

We all can change and adapt with the times. But do we all “adapt with the times” when it comes to our business with new and or different ways to increase sales and RMR? I would say no to some degree: “if it works don’t fix it”. It’s all about our “comfort zone”, right?

Our industry is ever-changing with technology, yet, it is an Industry that does not change as rapidly as others, in my opinion. Those of you that have been in the industry for any length of time know where I am coming from. However, it does change, it is changing, and it will continue to change at a more rapid pace than ever before.

Some very big disruptors have been evolving over the last ten to fifteen plus years, such as Security-Home Automation, related DIY, and MIY products and services. Why do I mention this? I believe from first-hand experience that these “disruptions” have had an impact on the Alarm Industry. Whether or not everyone embraces it at the same level or not, we all need to make sure we embrace the times, and at a minimum, review and analyze all that is available to increase the bottom line every month!

Regardless of whether or not you strictly focus on Fire and Life Safety, Intrusion, Surveillance, Access Control, Network Infrastructure, or whatever else you may offer, there are reasons to stay current on all that is available. Your day to day comfort zone may become seriously disrupted, but you need to be able to have other offerings that bring you RMR.

So what’s my point? “Inventiveness” – “Vision” – “Innovation” – “Conception” – “Cleverness” – “Imagination” – “Thinking Outside the Box”, or however you want to describe it!

The bottom line: keep an open mind on how our industry is changing and embrace it to your advantage.

In the coming months, GMS will be offering various webinar series on products and services to assist you in keeping up with these ever-changing times!

There are multiple revenue-generating offerings that you may have never thought about.  I would love to share with you and review how we can work together to get you the information on all the various revenue-generating options you may have never considered and support you along the way.  Call or email me at any time, I would love to hear from you!

Just for kicks, check out the 9 Dot Puzzle which has been associated with the phrase “Thinking Outside the Box”.   

9 Dot Puzzle

The Nine Dots Puzzle: The goal of the puzzle is to link all 9 dots using four straight lines or fewer, without lifting the pen and without tracing the same line more than once.

Click here to learn more about the “9 Dot Puzzle”

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