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GMS teams up with WorkHorse AlarmCompany.Software


Bringing you an all-in-one integrated experience for your integration company.


WorkHorse provides a single point of Data Entry for GMS,, Alula, and Quickbooks Online.

Through WorkHorse AlarmCompany.Software, you can see your zones, history, and do your daily functions of On & Off Test, In & Out of Service, Update Emergency Contacts & Codewords, as well as other time-saving tasks.  

When you use or Alula with GMS WorkHorse will move your zone information for you. Once the technician installs the equipment, GMS will have the zones entered into the account automatically. Remove the time staking task of adding the zones manually to GMS or having a tech on-site calling in zones instead of moving on to the next job. 

Your company can create invoices and take full or partial payments as well as set up recurring invoices. Technicians have the power to collect money from customers while still at their homes or business; managers don’t need to wait for the technician to return their paperwork to the office and then bill out of a separate system. From the WorkHorse dashboard, contacts and company data are intuitively added and managed within a secure, private, Cloud-based processing center.

WorkHorse is your CRM, Field Service Management, Billing System, Data Entry, eDocument System, and much more.


Introducing OneApp by WorkHorse

Get your brand in front of your customers. OneApp is YourApp! For too long, alarm companies have been stuck using antiquated systems and receiving calls for tasks that they can easily handle themselves. 

OneApp for GMS: Giving you the power to access an easy-to-use Stages Central Station Automation Plugin. OneApp provides you and your your customers with the availability to Cancel or Verify alarm events via OneApp Portal, which helps reduce false alarms! 

OneApp for Alarm Companies: Single source of data entry for GMS,, Alula, and Resideo. With OneApp, you have full control in the field to create and sync accounts with your automation partners and place systems On & Off test and see event history.

OneApp for your Customers: Download your branded app from the app store. Your Customers can arm and disarm their alarm systems, update their personal information, and cancel or verify alarms before a false dispatch even happens. 

OneApp is YourApp

We would love to know your level of interest and input on how we can help you and your customers with our all-in-one integrated experience.

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