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Increase Your RMR!

By: Ken Gresty, Business Development


Multiple recurring revenue generating offerings, sound familiar? In last month’s Newsletter and the month prior, I touched on the fact that GMS has multiple recurring revenue generating services, some you may not be aware of and/or simply have reservations about exploring.

This month I would like to point out just a few and invite you to contact me to review in detail how you can take advantage of these and other services GMS offers to increase your RMR.

Video Monitoring: GMS has multiple Video related monitoring offerings from Video Verification Clips, Live Video, and Virtual Guard Tours. In addition, GMS is offering various back-end AI (Artificial Intelligence) filtering to cut down on Video Event-driven False Alarms. Did you know if you already install local Surveillance Systems, you can offer Video Monitoring and or Virtual Guard Tours with NO additional Equipment? If you are an Dealer, you can send in Video Verification events. We are also capable of receiving DMP Video Events, DSC NEO, and many others!

Internet of Things (IoT): The range of IoT Sensors and Monitoring service offerings is pervasive today, and consumer awareness and demand is growing beyond just enterprise requirements. Digital Health & Care Monitoring, Lone Worker Protection, Smart Agriculture, Environmental, Asset Management & Tracking, Smart Cities, and many, many more. Just imagine, almost any sensor that exists can be monitored within a platform that provides services beyond only an operator response.

IP Delivery of 3rd Party Services: Utilizing 3rd Party Cell providers such as, Uplink, Telguard, SecureNet, Alula, Napco Starlink, and others, you can send from their NOC to GMS over IP versus sending to your Toll-Free Receiver lines as the primary path of communication, this saves you money and provides for faster and cleaner transmission.

In addition to all the compatible industry equipment monitoring services available to help you increase RMR, GMS provides robust back-end signal event processing with automated processing options you may not be utilizing fully today, that could save time, cost, and provide your customers with the best monitoring experience available! Email or call me to set up a time to review how GMS can help you further increase your RMR and bottom-line. We value and sincerely appreciate your business.

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