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Merging Your Acquired RMR accounts into GMS

General Monitoring Services, Inc.


This article is the 6th and final article of our six-part series outlining the many aspects of making an acquisition and financing that acquisition using your recurring monthly revenue (“RMR”) accounts as collateral. The previous article was titled, “Managing a successful acquisition after the deal is done,” authored by Jim Wooster of AFS.

Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller of RMR monitored accounts, one thing is constant and very important to both the Buyer and the Seller: the customers’ experience and perception of the transition. If you’re the Seller, you more than likely started from scratch and built your company on exceptional customer service, trust, and many long hours dedicated to making and keeping your business successful. If you’re the Buyer, you certainly want to make sure the customer has a great first impression.

At GMS, we have the depth and experience to assist both the Buyer and the Seller in a smooth and exceptional experience. GMS has established proven steps and action plans that we follow, allowing both the Buyer and Seller to feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands. 

Suppose your accounts are brought into GMS for the first time or simply a “merge” of accounts from one company to another that we already serve. In that case, GMS’s highly skilled and seasoned conversion team conducts a full in-depth, deep-dive review process well beyond just the basics.

Here is a quick look at some of the steps taken from the start of the process to the end result:

  • All hands meeting with purchasing Alarm Company with GMS Leadership
  • A detailed review of the existing database
    • We are looking for zone defaults, dealer-wide instructions, service instructions, franchise-chain accounts, customer instructions, etc.
  • Extraction of data and review by GMS Tech Services and Dealer Support in preparation for conversion
  • Conversion of data
    • We thoroughly review all data that could not be converted electronically and that we had to manually input.
  • Verification of manually input data: This is a critical step in the Quality Control measures in place.

During this process, we keep the purchasing Alarm Company in the loop regarding questions, discrepancies, and even suggestions on better ways to accomplish their monitoring goals. We also conduct post-conversion monitoring and auditing with enhanced daily reports to our dealer partner and GMS Leadership looking for automation issues, signal discrepancies, nuisance accounts, etc. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how GMS can assist you with merging acquired accounts into our central station with an exceptional experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a confidential review.

Learn more about GMS and its Central Station Services at, or contact Richard Drew, Vice President, Dealer Relations, directly at 877-264-9182 or by emailing

Leveraging this experience is just like leveraging the RMR accounts being purchased as collateral for the loan. Learn more about AFS and its loan services at, or contact Jim Wooster directly at 866-845-2678 x1200 or

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