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Alarm Dispatch Operator

Essential Duties and Responsabilities

• Receive auto-fed alarm signals and quickly respond with appropriate actions
• Verify customers where a passcode is required
• Properly document all responses to alarm events
• Correctly dispatch emergency services such as police, fire, security, and/or other services in correlation to the type of alarm event and/or instructions
• Accurately search and locate accounts in database upon request
• Make outbound calls with appropriate scripts
• Accurately complete correct functions upon request from clients such as, but not limited to, placing accounts on/off test, checking account records, service requests and sales requests.
• Understand and comprehend basic terminology and be able to relay that information as needed to clients
• Retain and Follow our standard operating procedures strictly
• Accurately follow and complete written and/or verbal instructions from clients and/or by management
• Create and submit clear and comprehensible memos electronically according to policies and/or change requests of clients
• Provide exceptional and professional customer service to our clients
• Ability to use internal methods of emailing and text messaging
• Meet and/or exceed in current department goals for customer service, productivity, alarm response, handle time, and talk time
• Properly use the phone to dial, place calls on hold, transfer calls, and/or conference callers
• Receive and process continuous inbound phone calls in a timely fashion
• Remain available in assigned work queues
• Follow phone and customer service procedures written and/or verbally directed by management
• Verification of customers where a passcode is required prior to releasing account details
• Assist customers with requests relating to locating accounts, providing account information, checking account history, placing accounts on-off test, adjusting schedules, service assistance, sales calls, and more
• Must learn basic setup of new accounts
• Receive and quickly process 2way audio alarms
• Receive and quickly process video alarms requiring the operator to view cameras and make precise and quick judgment calls
• Receive and process lone worker events
• Follow written procedures for processing video alarm and/or verbal instructions from management
• Receive calls requiring dispatch via radio transmitting system
• Perform routine Guard and/or radio checks.
• Locate authority numbers and dispatch based on GPS locations
• Must be able to pass a criminal background check and screening in order to obtain an ACE Alarm Agent License
• Handle a high volume of emergency alarms and calls with tact, good judgment, initiative and speed
• Learn to make immediate decisions and react in a quick, calm, controlled and effective manner in emergency situations
• Speak clearly and concisely
• Comprehend, interpret and retain written and orally presented information
• Must be able to prioritize assignments
• Must be able to work in a fast paced and demanding environment
• Ability to learn radio codes
• Elicit information from callers while simultaneously typing information into computer terminal
• Work well under pressure and exercise sound judgment in emergency situations
• Must react quickly, efficiently and calmly in an emergency situation, and to adopt an effective course of action
• Must be able to type 25 wpm
• Dependable and reliable attendance that is in accordance with company expectations and policies
• Ability to work from and focus attention on more than one computer screen (potentially up to 4 screens) up to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Mandatory Overtime is required
• Must be able to work overtime, weekends and holidays
• Work well in a close supervision of management
• Follow directions and instructions well
• Must strictly abide by the companies Monitoring Center Code of Excellence
• Required to adhere by the guidelines set forth in the dress code policy
• Must be able to sit for extended periods of time

Benefits after the successful completion of the introductory period

Retention Bonus
Referral Bonus
Paid Birthday Day Off
Paid Holidays
Paid Bereavement
Paid Sick days
Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
Mentorship Program

Code of Conduct & Ethics

General Monitoring Services takes pride in maintaining a professional presence at all times. Each employee has an obligation to observe and follow the Company's policies and to maintain proper standards of conduct at all times. Due to the nature of our business, you are privy to confidential information that must be kept private at all times.

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